Who We Are

The Center for Bold Leadership (formerly the Institute for Early Career Clergy Development or IECCD) seeks to offer ecumenical support to clergy at all experiential levels, but specifically to early-career, rural and small-member congregation pastors. The Center additionally seeks to support lay leadership as they strengthen their churches. We offer a Leadership Development Cohort for pastors, ongoing continuing education classes, The School of Spiritual Direction Beyond Borders, The Center for Preaching and our Annual Transformation Retreat.

Our goal is to provide clergy and laity to with practical tools that will enrich and strengthen their ministries, avoid burnout, maintain spiritual, physical and mental wellness.

leadership Cohort

The CBL Cohort brings together early career clergy (second through seventh year) and senior career clergy (more than ten years in ministry) for leadership development. This cohort offers coaching, facilitated leadership development sessions, and wellness resources.

Transformational Retreat

The Annual Transformation Retreat is a 2-day event devoted to addressing issues in 21st century ministry. Ministry leaders spend quality time learning new methods and creating new ways to address cultural shifts in the world today.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education opportunities are offered throughout the year. Check out our online offerings to sustain your credentials.


The School of Spiritual Direction Beyond Borders is a 2-year certification process which prepares people to become Spiritual Directors.

Spiritual direction is the practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn and grow in their personal spirituality.

center for preaching

The Center For Preaching offers interactive learning experiences to enhance clergy communication, sermon writing, and preaching. Learn best practices and theological praxis for crafting effective sermons.


Meet Our Team


​Rev. Kimberly Clarke Turner,

Rev. Turner has a long history of working in Healthcare and Human Resources. She received BA in Urban Health Policy from Tufts University with a concentration in Public Health. She was a Hospital Administrator and Director of Human Resources before she was called into Ministry. She attended Duke Divinity School (coursework toward M.A.C.P. — Youth Ministry concentration) and later transferred to Hood Theological Seminary where she is completing her Seminary Education. She has long been am anti-racism and diversity trainer and brings a wealth of knowledge into her position/ministry of supporting and guiding pastors to be their most fulfilled and successful selves.  In addition to serving as Director, she is also the Pastor for Triad Native American UMC in Greensboro, NC.
Rona Williams

Rona Williams, Esq.

Rona is known as the ‘Ministry Mayven’, a church consultant helping churches makeover their governance, risk, and administration for effective ministry. She serves nonprofit and faith-based organizations through her legal firm, The Purpose Law Firm. She also serves as Executive Pastor at City of God Ministries in Concord, NC under the leadership of Gary & Myra Bellinger. Rona resides in Charlotte, NC.


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