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CBL Leadership Development Cohort

The Leadership Development Cohort brings together early-career clergy (second through ninth year) Coaches and Spiritual Directors that will work with them throughout the cohort. The cohort provides monthly facilitated sessions, optional continuing education classes, books & resources, ministry coaching, restorative niche, and spiritual direction.

The Leadership Cohort is a 10-month experience. The next cohort selection process will begin in October and the Cohort will begin meeting in January 2023. Our launch session provides an opportunity to share the specific expectations of the cohort experience, meet coaches, and create a formative outlook for the possibilities of this experience.

Members meet together virtually each month for a time of encouragement and instruction around key topics in ministry leadership. Each participant must meet with a spiritual director and ministry coach during the experience. Key resources and classes are made available at no cost to the participant, however, access to resources is restricted based upon meeting participation expectations.This experience includes


– FREE Books & Resources

– FREE Classes

– FREE Spiritual Direction

– FREE Ministry Coaching

– A Restorative Niche Budget

– Virtual Monthly Meetings

Because there are so many opportunities for leadership development, we will guide you in tailoring your experience in the Cohort so that they will best meet your needs. We want you to be able to experience as much as possible while still maintaining your accountability.

Please fill out the information below to apply for the Cohort.