Center For Preaching

Lord, help me to preach today as if it were the last sermon I would ever preach.”

– Jack Hyles

Ever wondered how to consistently capture your listeners? Do you want to be more effective in your preaching or speaking?

We can help.

We create and curate resources for training clergy for effective and engaging preaching and presentation. Our goal is to help you develop a better connection with your audience, clarify your main ideas, strategically plan your sermon to reach your intended audience and use creativity both in content and delivery.

We know preaching is one of the most important tasks a pastor faces in their career as they desire to be effective in their leadership and vocational calling to raise up future leaders and ministers through their preaching. We have developed courses on Sermon Prep For Busy Pastors, The Art of Preaching, and more are on the way! The call to preach comes with the responsibility to develop one’s public presentation of The Message proclaimed.

Throughout the year, we will offer classes and workshops and will host an annual Preaching Retreat with intensives including Induction v. Deduction Preaching, Preaching from the Gospels, Telling the Story, etc. Students will hear sermons from noted Preachers and followup in workshops led by them.


Limited scholarships are available for small and rural church pastors. If you are in need of financial assistance and may qualify, you may apply to receive a scholarship to attend classes and courses.

how we help.

Seminars & workshops

The Center offers seminars, courses, and workshops facilitated by preaching professors and thought leaders on homiletics and public speaking. Check out our upcoming course offerings.


Join the Center for an intensive training and development experience for preachers and Christian speakers! This experience is curated to include powerful preaching from leading pulpiteers, workshops with practical tips for improving your speaking skills, AND an opportunity to preach and receive feedback from our esteemed panel of experienced interdenominational faculty and preaching pastors.

Hood Theological Seminary

We are grateful to the many Hood Seminary alumni, alumnae and friends who have helped to shape and guide the Seminary for over one hundred years and are certain to help shape its future in the next hundred. Your continued financial support is essential to the mission of this institution and its academic strength and vitality.