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Find out more about our program by joining us for our OPEN HOUSE, Tuesday July 9 from 6:30-7:30 pm. 

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The Bold Leadership Development Cohort brings together early career clergy (second through ninth year) with clergy coaches and spiritual directors. Cohort clergy will be assessed to identify their strengths, challenges and goals. Coaches and Spiritual Directors will walk along side Cohort members to provide guidance and help them build strong, sustainable and successful ministries. Special attention will be given to Clergy wellness and spiritual and mental well-being. Cohort members will work on developing practical leadership skills and tools through 1:1 Leadership Coaching and Spiritual Direction sessions, continuing education, Wellness coaching, retreats and workshops.

The Center For Bold Leadership’s Leadership Development Cohort program is now accepting applications for its next Cohort which will begin on September 26, 2024. This Cohort program is designed to support clergy of all denominations in their 2nd through 9th year in pastoral ministry. Rural and small-member church pastors are especially encouraged to apply. This year’s Cohort will focus specifically on Clergy Women of Color.

The Cohort includes:



  • 1:1 Clergy Coaching
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Classes & Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Book study
  • Wellness Coaching

Our goal is to help early-career clergy become their best by providing the necessary practical tools they need to successfully navigate the joys and challenges of pastoral ministry.



In addition to optional continuing education and other offerings participants may want to take, the calendar for the required Cohort monthly gatherings is as follows:

  • September 26-27        Retreat Launch on the campus of Hood Theological Seminary
  • October 15                  Zoom
  • November 12              Zoom
  • December 10              Zoom
  • January 14                 Zoom
  • Feb. 26-March  4-6     In-person Retreat (location tbd)
  • March 11                     Zoom
  • April 8                          Zoom
  • May 13                        Zoom
  • June 10                        Zoom
  • July 8                           Program Celebration


Please carefully review calendar so that you may schedule your time and attendance accordingly.


The Cohort is a gift from God to early career clergy regardless of age. The access to advisors and mentors are invaluable. It provides a space for not only continuing education to gain new and practical skills but gives clergy who are weary to reinvent themselves and re-imaging their understanding of living into their ministerial calling

Rev. Edith Robinson-Davis

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​Rev. Dr. Jim Wadford

​Rev. Dr. Jim Wadford

Clergy Coach Advisor and Instructor


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