Rev. Maria King

Maria is a Community Developer and International Certified Executive Coach serving as a Vitality Strategist for the United Methodist Church in the Triad area. Her training came through the South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation with Dr. Peter Story and the Community Development Association in Chicago. She has scanned the landscape of North Carolina through her work to develop authentic engagement and partnerships in Community Development. Initiatives she has helped developed: community skate park, GED programs for teens, food justice and health education for youth, chronic homelessness engagement network, medical clinics in the US and Honduras and ecumenical community alliances for racial and religious restorative partnerships. Her current role is empowering neighbors toward building and nurturing relationships in order to be in genuine partnership with their communities’ hopes, dreams and sustainability. Along with coaching leaders and teams toward their goals, she creates and facilitates training in community development, cultural intelligence and community leadership. She also created and administers across the triad: Leadership Cooperatives ,Truth and Reconciliation Initiatives, Community Mentorship and The School of Spiritual Direction Beyond Boarders. Maria is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church who has served diverse settings of faith communities across North Carolina. She is a native of Seagrove, NC and currently lives in Greensboro with her family.